Origin : Greek and Latin

bearer of Christ

The name Christopher is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "bearer of Christ". Christopher is an evergreen classic that dropped from Top 25 status in 2013, in spite of its appealingly strong, sincere, straightforward image, combined with a softer, more modern sound than, say, Robert or Richard. A Greek name meaning "bearer of Christ," it is sometimes used to honor Saint Christopher, a third century martyr who became the protective saint of travelers, reflecting the legend of Christopher being the giant who carried the Christ Child over a river. The name appeals to a wide range of parents, and has been chosen by several celebrities, including Sean "Diddy" Combs. The almost ubiquitous American nickname is Chris, but a more recent one is Topher, and there are British variations that might add a more individual spin to the name -- Kit, Kip and Christy. Two Christophers known to every schoolchild: Christopher Columbus and Christopher Robin.

Popularity of name Christopher over time

There are 2039035 people in the U.S. with the first name Christopher, this name was mostly popular in 1984 with popularity 60029 .

Christopher is used for both genders.

99.54 percent of people with the first name Christopher are man

0.46 percent of people with the first name Christopher are woman

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Most Famous People Named Christopher

American actor
English-American author/journalist
character on TV's "The Sopranos"
American actor
English dramatist
main character in short story "My Girlfriend
American actor
character on TV's "Scrubs"
character in Marvel Comics
son of Piper and Leo on TV's "Charmed"
character in "Parade's End" book and TV series
comic book character
main character on TV's "Foyle's War"
Canadian actor
American actor
English actor
Italian explorer
English actor
character on TV's "Dallas"
character in book/play"The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time"
character on TV's "Chicago Fire"
British film director and producer
American actor and singer

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