Origin : Spanish from Hebrew

cultivated terrain

The name Carmelo is a boy's name of Hebrew, Spanish origin meaning "cultivated terrain". Carmelo is a well used Hispanic name associated with Mt. Carmel, home of the prophet Elijah and the location of the convent for the order of Carmelites. Carmelo is also a saint's name and—in modern times—tied to basketball player Carmelo Anthony.

Popularity of name Carmelo over time

There are 10582 people in the U.S. with the first name Carmelo, this name was mostly popular in 2013 with popularity 514 .

Carmelo is used for both genders.

99.95 percent of people with the first name Carmelo are man

0.05 percent of people with the first name Carmelo are woman

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Most Famous People Named Carmelo

Argentine fencer
American martial artist
Uruguayan painter
Spanish songwriter
American contemporary Christian singer
character in The Godfather
American basketball player
city in Uruguay
Maltese politician

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