Origin : French from German

magnificent crow

The name Bertrand is a boy's name of German, French origin meaning "magnificent crow". This name of famed philosopher, mathematician and Nobel laureate Bertrand Russell becomes slightly more plausible with the French pronunciation, bare-TRAHN. Another noted bearer is French director and screenwriter Bertrand Tavernier.

Popularity of name Bertrand over time

There are 3970 people in the U.S. with the first name Bertrand, this name was mostly popular in 1924 with popularity 95 .

Bertrand is used for Man.

100 percent of people with the first name Bertrand are man

0 percent of people with the first name Bertrand are woman

Lists containing Bertrand

Most Famous People Named Bertrand

French Breton knight and commander during the Hundred Years' War
French politician and revolutionary figure
French Senator
French lead singer of band Chunk! No
French racing driver
comte de La Bourdonnais
3rd Earl Russell
French film director and screenwriter
character in the Series of Unfortunate Events series.
birth name of Pope Clement V

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