Origin : Latin, related to birds, or variation of Eve


The name Ava is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "life". In medieval times, Ava was a diminutive of Germanic names beginning in Av-, in particular Aveline, from which the name Evelyn would eventually arise. However, the name eventually fell out of use entirely, only to resurface in contemporary times. This suggests that our today’s Ava is a modern variation of Eva. Alternatively, Ava could also derive from the Latin root avi, meaning “bird.” Ava has separate Persian roots as a name meaning “voice” or “sound.” Ava was given a huge popularity boost—Ava's currently the Number 3 girl name and the top girls' name starting with A—when dozens of high-profile stars such as Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman chose Ava for their daughters. Another reason for its appeal: It's one of the elite group of girl names that mean life. This Glamour Girl name via Hollywood beauty Ava Gardner is attractive but epidemically popular! Some parents who love Ava's simplicity and style have looked on to other choices that might take her place: Eva, Avery, Ada, Aveline and so on. The result, as with other popular names such as Hailey and Aiden that have spawned a raft of imitators, is that Ava is beginning to feel even more ubiquitous than it might otherwise based on its Top 5 standing. Ava seemed to be headed towards Number 1—it's no accident we titled our most recent book on baby name style Beyond Ava & Aiden—but, though it seems to have been somewhat side-swiped by the Olivia-Isabella-Sophia group, it will still certainly stay in the Top 10 for years to come. It's a lovely name on many levels, but if you want something that will stand out, keep looking. One of the most fascinating things about Ava is that it's a much more ancient name than its modern-feeling sleekness would suggest. St. Ava was the daughter of King Pepin and was cured of blindness and became a nun. While Ava Gardner represents the Golden Age of Hollywood image of the name, director Ava DuVernay updates it to new Hollywood, together showcasing the name's attractive mix of sexiness and strength.

Popularity of name Ava over time

There are 266120 people in the U.S. with the first name Ava, this name was mostly popular in 2007 with popularity 18051 .

Ava is used for both genders.

0.11 percent of people with the first name Ava are man

99.89 percent of people with the first name Ava are woman

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Most Famous People Named Ava

daughter of Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon (b. 1999)
character in in the "Sin City" series
character in "Beneath the Glitter" by Elle and Blair Fowler
11th century poet; first woman writer in German
main character in movie "Material Girls"
character on American soap "Guiding Light"
transgender character on TV's "Nip/Tuck"
American Socialite; daughter of John Jacob Astor IV and Ava Lowle Willing
character in 1999 film "Tumbleweeds"
American country music singer
character on American soap "All My Children"
American film director
American Socialite; first wife of John Jacob Astor IV
Princess of Aquitaine; daughter of Pepin II; cured of blindness by Saint Rainfredis
American Actress and Singer
daughter of actor and dancer Fred Astaire
character on American soap "General Hospital"
daughter of Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear (b. 1997)
stillborn daughter of actor Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Syme
character in Kristen Ahsley's "Rock Chick" series
British reggae singer
main character on TV's "Summerland"
main character in webcomic "Ava's Demon"
character on British soap "EastEnders"

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