Origin : Greek

strong and manly

The name Andrew is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "strong and manly". Andrew is among the most appealing classic boys' names, with more character and charm than James or John. And there's a host of Andrew-inspired nicknames: Andy makes it friendlier, while Drew adds to its sophistication. Though it has slipped a bit -- dropping out of the Top 20 in 2013 -- Andrew was firmly in the Top 10 for more than two recent decades. And in one Harvard research study by sociologist Stanley Liberson, it was the leading boys' name chosen by highly educated parents. In the New Testament, Andrew was one of the twelve apostles and the first disciple to be called by Jesus. Although the origins of the name are Greek, Andrew is the patron saint of both Scotland and Russia, as well as Greece. It has associations with two of America's most famous artists, Wyeth and Warhol. Andrew also has several appealing foreign manifestations that are sometimes used in the U.S., including Andre (French), Andrei (Russian), Andres (Spanish), Andrea (Italian), Andreas (German, Dutch and Greek) and Anders (Norwegian and Swedish).

Popularity of name Andrew over time

There are 1296179 people in the U.S. with the first name Andrew, this name was mostly popular in 1987 with popularity 36206 .

Andrew is used for both genders.

99.62 percent of people with the first name Andrew are man

0.38 percent of people with the first name Andrew are woman

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Most Famous People Named Andrew

7th U.S. president
American celebrity chef and TV personality
main character in Orson Scott Card's "Ender's Game"
English actor
Scottish-American industrialist and philanthropist
character in movie "The Breakfast Club"
character in movie "The American President"
Prince of the United Kingdom
American-British actor
character on TV's "The Office"
17th U.S. president
American banker
American entrepreneur
English composer
character on TV's "Weeds"
character in the Toy Story series
character in movie "The Proposal"
character on Degrassi: The Next Generation
character on TV's "Parks & Recreation"
Kings of Hungary
character in movie "Garden State"
robot in Isaac Asimov's "The Bicentennial Man" and 1999 movie
angel of death on TV's "Touched by an Angel"

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