Names That Mean Town

Name Meaning Popularity
Brandeis 39
Brenton town near the burnt land 14445
Burgess inhabitant of a fortified town 1089
Chet fortress, walled town 5777
Crichton from the hilltop town 18
Digby town by the ditch 11
Elton from the old town 20978
Kelton town of the keels 6212
Neville new town 2338
Newton new town 8002
Orville gold town 35120
Walton fortified town 5634
Fenton marsh town 1946
Langston tall man's town 5441
Morton town near the moor 12328
Patton fighter's town 1369
Pelham tannery town 123
Seaton town by the sea 126
Stanton stony town 6540
Upton upper town 156
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