Names That Mean Land

Name Meaning Popularity
Brent dweller near the burnt land 139407
Brenton town near the burnt land 14445
Caledonia hard or rocky land 79
Columbia land of Columbus 645
Kyla narrow spit of land 39612
Lochlainn land of the Vikings 11
Massai owner of land and farms 87
Newland new land 22
Platt flat land 5
Portland land near the port 154
Roland famous throughout the land 97989
Romina from the land of the Christians 3793
Tyrone land of Owen 79129
Wayland land beside the road 3884
Argyle an Irishman, from the land of the Gaels 142
Alaska great land 707
Brandt dweller on burnt land 5765
Caledon hard or rocky land 5
Harlan rocky land 23991
Locklyn lake land 266
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