Names That Mean Born

Name Meaning Popularity
Haruko born in spring 680
Heladio born in Greece 22
Juba born on Monday 12
Junius born in June 5327
Kavanaugh born handsome or son of Caomhan 5
Ken born of fire or handsome; healthy and strong 32733
Kissa born after twins 68
Kofi born on Friday 1272
Neema born during good times 782
Quade born fourth 1055
Tisa ninth born 1442
Abena born on Tuesday 587
Adwoa Born on a Monday 193
Afia born on Friday 462
Amma born on a Saturday 519
Antonella first born 4666
Aki born in the autumn, ancestor 515
Ama born on a Saturday 921
Cavanaugh born handsome or son of Caomhan 46
Haji born during the pilgrimage to Mecca 81
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