Names That Mean Unbroken

Name Meaning Popularity
Bronco rough, unbroken horse 65
Chang smooth, free, unhindered 312
Constantina constant, unchanging 621
Constanza constant, unchanging 702
Cosimo universe 914
Devlin unlucky 3263
Emme universal 2846
Emmy work; universal 8547
Jothan God is upright 15
Mallory unfortunate 55596
Amaranta unfading 126
Amena honest, utterly pure 862
Ajay unconquered 4062
Amil one who hopes or unattainable 1024
Anita grace; unguided 214697
Bina bee or understanding 1145
Eliakim God will raise up 107
Emanuel God is with us 50284
Emmanuelle God is with us 1443
Holt son of the unspoiled forests 1358
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