Unique Names That Mean Water

Name Meaning Popularity
Bach dweller near the brook 64
Baia bay 5
Beverly dweller near the beaver stream 381721
Birney island with the brook 72
Bourne one who lives near a stream 21
Brooks of the brook 28801
Brosnan dweller near the Brosna River 20
Caspian Not strictly Persian per say, but brings to mind the strength and wonder of the Caspian Sea. 1307
Cherith Winter stream 531
Clodagh 146
Clyde Nature name 146426
Cordelia heart; daughter of the sea 11206
Devere of the fishing place 700
Doris gift of the ocean 465184
Duna eiderdown 8
Duryea from the stream 5
Dwyn wave 5
Ginevra white shadow, white wave 196
Glenys or pure 570
Guinevere white shadow, white wave 2760
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