Scandinavian Names

Name Meaning Popularity
Berit 601
Bernt strong, brave as a bear 20
Birgitta strength or exalted one 85
Bridgette strength or exalted one 23335
Caren pure, dear little one, loving, kindhearted, charitable,, pure, pure 9550
Carin pure, dear little one, loving, kindhearted, charitable, 4515
Caryn pure 12176
Claus Spelling variation of Nicholas, people of vistory 366
Daan God is my judge 15
Eline bright, shining light, noble, nobility 250
Else pledged to God, pledged to God 498
Elvis 17063
Erik eternal ruler 153269
Frans Frenchman or free man 155
Gerda enclosure, stronghold 1099
Gunnar bold warrior 14594
Hanson son of Hans 1560
Harald army ruler 759
Helga prosperous, successful 2202
Janson Jan's son 1013
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