Unique Girl Names Ending with A

Name Meaning Popularity
Bathsheba daughter of an oath 349
Benedicta blessed 111
Bibiana life 1334
Callista most beautiful 2180
Cassia cinnamon 1686
Celia heavenly 54299
Cinzia moon goddess or, woman from Kynthos 79
Concetta pure 14112
Cyra sun or throne, or lord 640
Dacia 2679
Dahlia Dahl's flower 11500
Dominica belonging to the Lord 2261
Dorothea gift of God 33912
Estella star 39469
Eulalia sweetly speaking 4474
Evangelina bearer of good news 9226
Freya a noble woman 6925
Gardenia Garden's flower 1301
Honora woman of honor 1586
Juliana youthful 58061
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