Cool Baby Names That Start With Z

Name Meaning Popularity
Zachariah the Lord has remembered 27375
Zachary the Lord has remembered 536838
Zadie princess 2720
Zadok righteous 354
Zafira to succeed 72
Zahra flower 5814
Zala a people from southwest Ethiopia 119
Zale sea-strength 114
Zamiel Hebrew, told by God 5
Zandra defending men 3522
Zanna English, God is gracious 551
Zara princess; to blossom 11346
Zariah 9481
Zaynab beauty, grace 1619
Zeb Hebrew, gift of Jehovah 2652
Zebedee gift of God 1128
Zeke God strengthens 5558
Zelda gray fighting maid 13736
Zelma God helmet 16840
Zenia hospitable, welcoming, force of Zeus 1620
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