Celebrity Surnames as Firsts

Name Meaning Popularity
Brando firebrand, sword 1940
Bronson son of brown-haired one 8990
Brooks of the brook 28801
Burke from the fortress 3768
Chesney oak grove 2332
Conrad brave counsel 35186
Dawson son of David 38255
Dempsey proud, haughty 4200
Dion child of heaven and earth 18694
Electra shining, bright 1053
Foster forester 11694
Franco Frenchman or free man 7015
Garner granary 2174
Grant large 124862
Griffith strong lord 1428
Holmes from the island in the river 587
Hopper hop grower or seller 28
Jeter 769
Jonas dove 24523
Jones God is gracious 3665
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