Uncommon Girl Names in the US

Name Meaning Popularity
Blanca white 24904
Candela Candlemas 60
Caoimhe beautiful 269
Cerise cherry 711
Chiara light, clear 4562
Clemence mild, merciful 912
Clodagh 146
Dominika belonging to the Lord, belonging to a lord 592
Ebba fortress of riches, or strength of a boar 822
Eilidh sun, radiant one 176
Eline bright, shining light, noble, nobility 250
Fia wild or weaver 230
Ginevra white shadow, white wave 196
Harriet estate ruler 88810
Heloise healthy; wide 624
Ida industrious one 187165
Ilse pledged to God 2146
Imogen maiden 1860
Inaya concerned 1519
Ines pure, virginal 6130
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