Origin : German

army ruler

The name Walter is a boy's name of German origin meaning "army ruler". Walter was seen as a noble name in the Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Walter Scott era, but it then spent decades in baby name limbo. Now quite a few independent-minded parents are looking at it as a renewable, slightly quirky, classic, stronger and more distinctive than James or John, second only to William among the handsome classic boy baby names starting with W. The recent popularity of Breaking Bad has brought us Walter White, conferring on the name Walter a new kind of cool and prompting a fresh wave of popularity. A favorite Norman name, Walter was extremely popular in medieval England (when it was pronounced "Water"), and in this country from the 1870s through the 1940s. Plus there are all those great Walters and Walts to consider, from Whitman to Disney to Cronkite to Mondale to Payton to Matthau. And then there's the ultimate fantasizer Walter Mitty, not to mention (Walter) Bruce Willis. Recently, actor Rainn Wilson named his son Walter.

Popularity of name Walter over time

There are 625732 people in the U.S. with the first name Walter, this name was mostly popular in 1918 with popularity 13338 .

Walter is used for both genders.

99.42 percent of people with the first name Walter are man

0.58 percent of people with the first name Walter are woman

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Most Famous People Named Walter

American painter
character on TV's 'Fringe'
characters on TV's "Breaking Bad"
From the TV show Longmire & The books by Craig Johnson
Muppet character
NYPD homicide detective in "Golden Boy"
American novelist
American creator of Woody Woodpecker
English explorer
character in the game "Silent Hill 4: The Room"
German social and cultural theorist
son of Anne and Gilbert Blythe in the "Anne of Green Gables" series
American film producer and icon
American football player and coach
character on TV show "The Finder"
American actor
42nd Vice President of the United States
American baseball pitcher
character on "X-Files"
main character in book/film "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"
American poet
character in movie "The Big Lebowski"
American journalist
character in the film "Secondhand Lions"

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