Origin : Italian, Spanish, and Israeli variation of Michaela

who is like God

The name Micaela is a girl's name of Spanish, Italian, Israeli origin meaning "who is like God". The original versions of Micaela have morphed into all manner of "inventive" spellings -- Makayla, McKalla et al -- but we prefer the genuine international versions, like this one.

Popularity of name Micaela over time

There are 13408 people in the U.S. with the first name Micaela, this name was mostly popular in 1995 with popularity 585 .

Micaela is used for both genders.

0.04 percent of people with the first name Micaela are man

99.96 percent of people with the first name Micaela are woman

Lists containing Micaela

Most Famous People Named Micaela

Peruvian indigenous revolutionary
Peruvian actress
Puerto Rican actress
German actress
Italian actress
Argentine actress
Baroness de Pontalba
Miss Angola 2007

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