Origin : Hebrew

God is gracious

The name John is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "God is gracious". John reigned as the most popular of all boys' Christian names for 400 years, from the time the first Crusaders carried it back to Britain until the 1950s, at which point American baby namers finally seemed to be tiring of this most straight-arrow, almost anonymous John Doe of names and started to replace it with fancier forms like Jonathan and the imported Sean and Ian. John was a key name in early Christianity, borne by John the Baptist, John the Apostle and John the Evangelist, plus 84 saints and 23 popes, as well as kings and countless other illustrious notables. Because many of today's baby Johns get their names for familial rather than stylistic reasons, John isn't as ubiquitous as it once was. For modern parents, the nickname Jack feels much fresher. But John is still one of the Top 10 boy names starting with J of all time. The international versions of John are perennial classics in their own cultures: the French Jean, the Irish Sean, the Scottish Ian, the Welsh Evan and Ewan, the Italian Giovanni, the Spanish Juan, the German Johann/Johannes, the Slavic Jan, the Russian Ivan, and on and on. Celebrities who have gone with the timeless John include Michelle Pfeiffer, Bono, Johnny Depp, Lauryn Hill, Bridget Moynahan and Rob Lowe.

Popularity of name John over time

There are 5146508 people in the U.S. with the first name John, this name was mostly popular in 1947 with popularity 88319 .

John is used for both genders.

99.58 percent of people with the first name John are man

0.42 percent of people with the first name John are woman

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Most Famous People Named John

cousin of Jesus
American revolutionary
character in "The Breakfast Club"
King of Scotland
main character in 'The Dead Zone' series
character in "In the Mouth of Madness"
English founder of Methodism
alias of the Doctor on TV's Doctor Who
character on TV's "Supernatural"
2nd U.S. president
character in "The Green Mile" novel/movie
character in "I Am Number Four" series
English poet
Byzantine emperors
character in "The Haunting of Hill House"
American revolutionary and abolitionist
fourth book in the New Testament
King of England
character in the Sherlock Holmes series

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