Origin : Latin, variation of Cassius


The name Cassian is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "hollow". Cassian is a saints' and Latin clan name, related to Cassius, that is virtually unused and waiting to be discovered. There have been at least four fourth and fifth century St. Cassians, one of whom is the patron saint of (not many of them left) stenographers. John Cassian was a monk and ascetic writer who introduced Eastern monasticism into the West. Patrick Wilson used the alternate spelling Kassian for his son.

Popularity of name Cassian over time

There are 441 people in the U.S. with the first name Cassian, this name was mostly popular in 2018 with popularity 135 .

Cassian is used for both genders.

98.87 percent of people with the first name Cassian are man

1.13 percent of people with the first name Cassian are woman

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Most Famous People Named Cassian

character from "The Cage" series by Megan Shepherd
4th century martyr and bishop of Brescia
5th century French theologian
Australian ice hockey player
character in “Crazy Rich Asians” by Kevin Kwan and son of characters Astrid Leong and Michael Teo
British independent film producer and agent
4th century bishop of Autun
character in "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"
Polish Orthodox activist and theologian
3rd century martyr
character in "A Court of Thorns and Roses" series by Sarah J. Maas

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