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The name Brendan is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "prince". According to Irish legend, Saint Brendan the Voyager was the first European to touch American soil, and his name has been established here for decades, peaking in the late 1990s. It first appeared on the US charts in 1941, especially popular, not surprisingly, for Irish-American boys. It is sometimes confused with the English surname name Brandon. Notable namesakes include Irish playwright Brendan Behan and actor Brendan Fraser. Mark Wahlberg used it for his son.

Popularity of name Brendan over time

There are 90077 people in the U.S. with the first name Brendan, this name was mostly popular in 1999 with popularity 3994 .

Brendan is used for both genders.

99.64 percent of people with the first name Brendan are man

0.36 percent of people with the first name Brendan are woman

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Most Famous People Named Brendan

American drummer
American actor
Canadian actor
English dancer
a main character in Pokemon Ruby
son of American actor Mark Wahlberg
member of Irish boyband HomeTown
American Olympic swimmer
character on Irish TV's "The Clinic"
character in movie "Blended"
character on TV's "Charmed"
Irish actor
Northern Irish footballer
Irish entrepreneur and blogger
son of Scottish actor James McAvoy
American writer and producer
character in Aphmau's YouTube series

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