Chihuahua Names

Name Meaning Popularity
Blanca white 3316
Candela Candlemas 0
Carlos free man 35798
Conan little wolf 77
Damita little noblewoman 177
Enrique German, estate ruler 7612
Francisco Frenchman or free man 21096
Gala Russian and Slavic feminine form of Galen, Greek, calm, healer 454
Gonzalo saved from combat 1939
Hector holding fast 13322
Iria peace 15
Jesus the Lord is salvation 29603
Jimena listener 0
Jose Jehovah increases 81771
Lil lily 70
Miguel Hebrew, who is like God? 12580
Nerea mine 0
Newt a small salamander 610
Ninetta little girl 49
Paul small 775266
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