Vibrant Spring Baby Names

Name Meaning Popularity
Blossom to bloom 1770
Chloe young green shoot 4632
Cleopatra glory of the father 1133
Clover key 618
Eartha earth 2319
Emerald green 495
Esmeralda emerald 1529
Iris rainbow 38945
Jarita mother or legendary bird 20
Lilac bluish 0
Lissa Greek, honeybee 811
Magnolia Magnol's flower 4536
Newland new land 22
Osiris with strong eyesight 0
Poppy red flower 130
Tamar date palm tree 366
Adam son of the red earth 19861
Agnes pure, virginal 150954
Amaryllis to sparkle 345
April to open 11894
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