Names that Peaked in 1984

Name Meaning Popularity
Brenton town near the burnt land 739
Isidro gift of Isis 1743
Kacie vigilant in war 0
Kara Latin, Italian, Irish, Spanish, and Portuguese, dear; friend; face 970
Kati pure 34
Lacey from Lassy 1040
Shana Hebrew, beautiful 369
Alesha protected by God 0
Cale Hebrew, dog or devotion to God 52
Candace white, pure, sincere 20557
Darnell the hidden spot 4916
Josef 982
Lacie from Lassy 290
Marques 23
Mathew 8053
Rachelle Hebrew, ewe 2576
Shanell dweller near the canal 0
Sheena God is gracious 742
Tremaine 0
Trista noise or sorrowful 0
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