Hunger Games Baby Names

Name Meaning Popularity
Bodi God protect the king 0
Caesar long-haired 1777
Cashmere 5
Damek son of the red earth 0
Duna eiderdown 8
Edina wealthy 27
Effie pleasant speech 41308
Ferenc Frenchman or free man 0
Hazelle the hazelnut tree 552
Ilma air 276
Ilona Greek, bright, shining light 1569
Judit woman from Judea 5
Kamilla young ceremonial attendant, young ceremonial attendant, perfect 0
Katniss 0
Orban of the city 44
Rebeka servant of God 11
Sarika princess, noble 0
Tabor a height; encampment 0
Vica Latin, life 8
Vick conqueror 361
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