Geek Chic Names for Boys

Name Meaning Popularity
Barnaby son of consolation 19
Barney son of comfort 12891
Bartholomew son of the furrow 1810
Bernard strong, brave as a bear 156561
Caspar keeper of the treasure 36
Cassius hollow 460
Clarence bright 257432
Clement mild, merciful 10741
Clifford lives near the ford by the cliff 138354
Clyde Nature name 123417
Conrad brave counsel 19177
Cornelius horn 18986
Cosmo order, beauty 1344
Desmond one from south Munster 1475
Digby town by the ditch 0
Earl 241814
Edgar wealthy spearman 71107
Edmund fortunate protector 37702
Edwin wealthy friend 140691
Elwood elder tree forest 18257
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